Water Environmental Monitoring and Simulation
in There Gorges Reservoir Region(WEMST)
News Detail

the International Academic Workshop on Protection and Management of Three Gorges Water Quality


Tentative agenda

Day 1(Dec.17.2013, Tue.)

9:00      1.Secretary Xuemei Li (College of Resources & Environment, Southwest University)announced the opening of the meeting.

9:05      2.Address by Ming Li ,the principalof Southwest University, China.

9:15      3.Addressby Dr. Michael Siu, the vice-principal of Windsor University, Canada.  

9:25      4.The principal of SWUissued visiting professor’s letter of appointment to inspector Wei Zhou.

9:35      5.Address by Wei Zhou, inspectorof TheState Council Three Gorges                                                                  ProjectConstruction Committee, P.R. China and the visiting professor ofSWU.

9:50      6.Group picture and teabreak

                    10:20-11:55  Session 1 (inspector Wei Zhou)

10:20    7.The arrangement of conferencecontent and target (Dr. Lei Zhang, SWU/Windsor University)

10:30     8. (Dr. Doug Haffner, Windsor University/SWU )

10:45     9. (Dr. Ken Drouillard, WindsorUniversity)

11:20     10.(Dr.Philippe Van Cappellen, University of Waterloo )

11:55     Lunch

14:00-15:45  Session 2 Three Gorges Ecological Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen

14:00     11. (Researcher JianboChang, Ministry of water resources engineering institute of ecological water )

14:35   12. (Researcher BinghuiZheng, Environmental Science Research Department of Water Environment, China)

15:10     13.( Researcher Defu Liu,Hubei University of Technology)

15:45     14.(Professor Qiang He, ChongqingUniversity)

16:20     Tea break

16:40-17:40 Session3 The Three Gorges Reservoir water quality and biological      

                                    (Shiqiang Wei, Southwest University )

16:40     15. (Researcher YuchunWang, Department of Water Environment Research, China Institute of WaterResources and Hydropower Research )

17:15      16. Characteristics ofwater bloom and its trend in the tributaries of Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR)/Assemblage ofphytoplankton structure in the Three Gorges Reservoir:evidence of hydrodynamicchanging(Professor Zhengyu Hu, Dr.Yonghong Bi, Institute of Aquatic Organisms, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

17:40       17. (Dr. Lei Zhang, SouthwestUniversity)

Day 2(Dec.18.2013, Wed.)

                       8:30-10:00 Session 4 Material migration and models (KenDrouillard)

8:30        18. (Professor HaiyanFu, Xiamen Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering College)

9:05        19. (Professor XianjunJiang, College of Resources & Environment, Southwest University)

9:25        20. (Researcher QiuwenChen,Research Centre for Eco-EnvironmentSciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

10:00       21.(Professor KefengZhang)

10:35       Tea break

10:55       Discussions (Inspector Wei Zhou ), then divide into groups

12:00       Lunch

14:00       Group discussion

15:00       Summary

16:00       Tea break

16:20       End of the meeting