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Non-Point Source Pollution and Water Management Workshop - Summarizing Ontario-China Research and In



China-Canada Three GorgesReservoir Water Science Centre”(CCTW) convene the conference- “Non-PointSource Pollution and Water Management Workshop- Summarizing Ontario-ChinaResearch and Innovation Funding in Three Gorges Reservoir” on July 14-17, 2015.The workshop opening ceremony will take place at 9 amon July 14, in room 201 of No.35 Building (College of Resource andEnvironment Building) of Southwest University Campus. Well-known Chinese and foreignexperts in therelated academic fields have been invited to exchange their latestachievements on non-pointsource pollution, water resource management and protection afterward duringthis 4-day event.

Ontario-China Research and Innovation Funding(OCRIF) project team willsummarize its research results supported by theproject, “Innovative Monitoring andPrediction of Non-point Source Pollution and Water Quality in the Three GorgesReservoir catchment”,which is led by Southwest University in Chinaand Universityof Windsor in Canada, and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology,China, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, Ontario,Canada. The OCRIF project will be finished by the end of this year both inChina and Canada. This is why this workshop is very critical with respect tothe further eco-system research need in TGR as well as the further development of CCTW.

General Assembly notes

1. Representatives are expected tocarefully read the Conference Guide, and attend the meeting on time.

2. The workshop opening ceremony will take place at 9 am on July 14, in room 201 ofNo.35 Building (College of Resource and Environment Building) of SouthwestUniversity Campus.

3. Meeting time:Morning: 9:00-12: 00; Afternoon: 13:30-17: 30

4. Dining Time: Breakfast 8:00-8:40;Lunch 12:30; Dinner 18:00; representatives may enjoy the lunch .

5. Pay attentionto your health since the weather changes.

6. Be carefuland keep your portable items safely.

7. If therepresentatives have any other requests, please contact with Dr.lei zhang.  



Conference Schedule

714面源污染   July 14  Non-point Source Pollution Day  

Opening Ceremony ( Host LeiZhang主持人张磊)

             9:00   谢德体教授致欢迎辞和介绍

     Welcomeand Introductions – Prof. Deti Xie                          

              9:15   西南大学校长致辞

Remarkof the President of Southwest University

9:30    加拿大驻重庆领事馆领事致辞

Remarkof the Canadian Consul in Canadian Consulate in Chongqing

9:45    重庆市科学技术委员会牟主任致辞

Remarkof the Director of the International Department of Chongqing S&TCommission, Chongqing Municipality

10:00    拍照  Photopicture time

10:15    茶歇  Coffee

Lecture Starting   (Host Dr. Haffner)

10:45     1. 西南大学张磊博士谈研讨会的目标从过去到现在

Goalsof Workshop – Past to Present – Dr. Lei Zhang

11:00    2. 建设一流水利工程,创造一流生态环境- 国务院三建委水库司周维维巡视员

  Buildthe world-class hydro-power engineering, initiate its top-grade Eco-Environment - Professor Wei Zhou

                    面源污染系列   Non-Point Source Pollution Session

Series A        Host Dr. TongkeZhao 主持人赵同科博士

            11:30      3.面源污染研究–Dr. D. Haffner

  Non-Point Sources Pollution Project–Dr. D. Haffner

12:00     4. 三峡库区涪陵龙王沟小流域面源污染的研究和监测基地建设-张磊博士 -

 Non-point Source Pollutionresearch in Longwanggou- Dr. Lei Zhang

12:30     午餐   Lunch

Series B      Host Dr. PhilippeVan Cappellen

13:30       5. 安大略面源项目- Dr. M. Mohamed  

              Ontario Non-Point Programs Dr. M.Mohamed

14:00       6. 三峡库区面源污染调查 -西南大学谢德体教授和樊芳玲

  Non-point SourcePollution Research in TGR-Fangling Fan, Ph.D candidate of Dr. Deti Xie

14:30        7.中国北方面源污染调查 -北京农林科学院赵同科教授

Non-point SourcePollution Research in Northern China-

Dr. Tongke Zhao

15:00       8.  加拿大大湖研究中心面源污染项目 -张铁泉教授

Canadian Great LakesNon-point Source Pollution Projects –. Dr.TiequanZhang

15:30        9.  太湖区域面源污染调查 - 中科院南京土壤研究所施卫明教授

Non-point Source Pollution Research in TaihuLake Region-         Dr. Weiming Shi.

16:00          休息Break

Series C    Host Dr. Zhengwen Liu

16:30       10.湖和河中微生物的代谢过程 - Dr. Chris Weisener

MicrobialProcess in Lakes and Rivers – Dr. Chris Weisener

17:00        讨论三峡库区面源污染未来的需求,合作以及课题申请

Discussionon Future Data Needs on non-point sourcepollutionCollaborations and Funding

17:30       休会/晚餐Adjournment/Dinner


          9:00     Workshop Update – Dr.Lei Zhang


Eutrophication Session  Host Dr. Frank Johnson

            9:15      1.   Dr. D. Haffner水体富营养化报告

    Water Eutrophication Studies – Moderator Dr. D. Haffner

2. Dr. WilliamD.Taylor水质报告

Waterquality Studies -Dr. WilliamD.Taylor

3. 中科院南京地湖所、暨南大学刘正文教授报告

Eutrophicationchanges the pathway of carbon flow from phytoplankton to zooplankton in lakes -Dr.Zhenwen Liu

10:45      茶歇Coffee


WaterMonitoring and Contaminants Session Host Dr.Weiming Shi

           11:00     4. Mr.Paul B. Hamilton水质检测报告

Water monitor studies-Mr.Paul B. Hamilton

5. Dr. K. Drouillard污染物报告

Contaminants Study -Dr. K. Drouillard

6.  河北工业大学,三峡大学刘德富教授和箫斌报告

Seasonal difference of greenhouse gas fluxes between themainstream and the distributaries of the Three Gorges Reservoir- Drs. Defu Liuand Bin Xiao

            12:30      午餐 Lunch

13:30       7. Dr.Frank Johnson水质检测报告

Watermonitor studies-Dr.Frank Johnson

                    OCRIF 课题水体研究结果报告系列

OCIRF Report Session on Eutrophication andMonitoring Session

Host Dr. Ken Drouillard

14:00        8.  西南大学张磊博士澎溪河和高阳平湖报告

        GaoyangLake in Pengxi River Studies – Dr. Lei Zhang

14:30       9.  西南大学研究生周川澎溪河报告

PengxiRiverStudies –postgraduate student Chuan Zhou

14:50       10.  西南大学研究生赵晓松高阳湖重金属元素报告

      Gaoyang Lake HeavyMetal Elements studies –postgraduate student Xiaosong Zhao

15:10       11.西南大学研究生王德宝,丁红利汉丰湖报告

Hanfeng Lake,the upstream lake of Pengxi River, Studies–postgraduate student Debao Wang,Hongli Ding

15:30      休息Break


          Watershed Modelling Session    Host Dr. Defu Liu

16:00       12.  Dr. Van Cappellen报告

TGRModelling – Dr. Van Cappellen

16:30        13.  中科院生态中心陈求稳教授太湖盆地水质监测和模型报告

Monitoring and modelling the water quality of Taihu lake basin –Dr. Qiuwen Chen

17:00    讨论水体生态研究的未来方向、合作以及基金Host Qiuwen Chen

Discussionon Future Data Needs, Collaborations and Funding

17:30       休会/晚餐     Adjournment/Dinner

July 16  Internal Discussion  at the HotelMeeting Room寄北酒店会议室

          9:00              Workshop Update – Dr. LeiZhang

          9:15               分组总结和报告  Group Reports  

HostDrs.Tiequan Zhang/Mohamed

1.      水质研究    Water Quality Studies

2.   流域模型   Watershed Modelling

10:30       茶歇 Coffee

11:00       3.  面源项目   Non-Point Source Programs

11:45       Dr.D. Haffner进行总结和未来研究方向

Synthesisand Future Directions – Dr. D. Haffner

12:30       工作结束/午餐  End of Workshop/Lunch

July 17         去龙王沟监测站参观

Tour to the Longwanggou demonstration site

July 18         飞赴昆明

Travel to Kunming