Water Environmental Monitoring and Simulation
in There Gorges Reservoir Region(WEMST)
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International Workshop for Non-point Sources Pollution and Water Quality in TGR


International Workshop ofInnovative Monitoring and Prediction of Non-point Source Pollution and WaterQuality in TGR

13-17August 2013

Beibei, Chongqing China

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College of Resources & Environment, SouthwestUniversity, China



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OCRIF and CCTW WorkshopII

Beibei, Chongqing China

August 13 -17, 2013


Tuesday, Aug. 13

     9:00 TheChina-Canada TGR Water Science Centre Opening Ceremony

Ø Address by Ming Li ,the vice-principal of Southwest University, China

Ø The president of Southwest University read notice about theestablishment of        CCTW

Ø  Unveiling ceremony of CCTW by the leaders of Southwest University,     Chongqing S&TCommission and University of Windsor

Ø Sub-center openingceremony: vice-principal Ming Lito Xiaoling Lei; Dean Fusheng Pan to Lei Zhang

Ø Address by Dr.Deti Xie ,the director ofCCTW, China

Ø Address by a leader ofUniversity of Windsor, Canada

Ø Address by Fusheng Pan, the deputy director of Chongqing S&T Commission, China

Ø Address by Yangfei Ou, the Consul general of Canada in chongqing consulate

Ø Address by Wei Zhou, deputydirector of The State Council Three Gorges                                                                             Project Construction Committee, P.R. China

Ø  Group Picture

      10:30   Coffee

       10:50    OCRIFUpdate and Foreseeing CCTW (Drs. Xie and Haffner)

       11:30   Goals of theWorkshop (L. Zhang)

12:00    Lunch

13:30-15:45  Session 1 ThreeGorges Main Channel and Tributaries Studies ( Dr. Bill Taylor )

13:30    1. ThreeGorges ecological environment Presentation Section- Dr. Wei Zhou, The deputydirector of The State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee, P.R.China

14:40  2. Water Quality Monitoring inthe Main Channel and Tributaries of TGR –Senior engineer Shuisong Gao, Directorof cellular biology lab in Yangtze Valley Water Environment Monitoring Centre,China

15:20     3. Modeling nutrients and water quality in large dam reservoirs, withemphasis on the Three Gorges Reservoir - Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen, CanadaExcellence Research Chair, University of Waterloo

15:45     Coffee

16:15-18:00  Session 2 Tributaries andNon-point Pollition of TGR Presentation Section( Dr. Qiuwen Chen )

16:15  4. Modeling Eutrophication in the TGR -Dr.Yuchun Wang, from IWHR (Department of WaterEnvironment Research, China Institute of Water Resources and HydropowerResearch) in Beijing

16:45    5. Crop production of large agricultural integrated hydrologicaldynamics model of water pollution- Dr. Kefeng Zhang, College of Ningbo,Zhejiang University, University of Warwick,UK

17:15     6. Three Gorges Modelling- Qianming Lu, General Manager & Engineerof DHI of Region of Main Land of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

17:45     7.Final discussions about first day and adjournment (Dr. Doug Haffner)

Wednesday Aug. 14

9:00-12:00  The development ofChina-Canada international science and technology cooperation project“Innovative Monitoring and Prediction of Non-point Source Pollution and WaterQuality in the Three Gorges Reservoir Catchment”。

Session 3   The development of Non-point Pollution Presentation Section ( Dr. KefengZhang )

9:00        8. Study Designs for OCRIF -Dr. L. Zhang, Collegeof Resources & Environment, Southwest University

9:15     9. Three Gorges Non-point pollution researchprogress- Dr. Deti Xie (or Jiupai Ni ), College of Resources & Environment,Southwest University

9:45     10. Terrestrial study update in Fulingwatershed -Dr. Chin Sheng Tan/ Tiequan Zhang, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

10:15   11. Theapplication of 4 dagro farmland nutrient migration model in the Three GorgesReservoir Catchment- Robin Johnston, Bryan McConchie, Ritchie Feed &Seed.Ltd, Canada

10:40      Coffee

Session 4  Three Gorges Water Quality Monitoring PresentationSection ( Dr. Jim McGeer )

11:05  12. Based on the inspection data from Yangtze river three gorges waterconservancy committee, Studing on Algal Composition and Abundance in theTGR-Mr. Zhiqiang Xia in Lei Zhang’s lab

11:30   13. Nutrition and algal bloom outbreak mechanism studies in Pengxi riverGaoyangpin lake- SWU carried out by Lei Zhang’s lab, Yu and Fu

12:00     Lunch    

Session 5   Discussionabout the second year’s ( 2013.9 -2014.9 ) studying plan and schedule for China-Canadainternational cooperation project

13:30  Group discussion

            Groupone   Three Gorges Non-point pollution monitoringand emissionreductionstudies ( Dr.Tiequan Zhang and Jiupai Ni )

   Grouptwo   Three Gorges integration of land -water studies ( Dr. Ken Drouillard and Yuchun Wang )

      Group three Monitoring and Prediction of Non-point Sources Pollution and WaterQuality in the Three           Gorges Reservoir Catchment studies ( Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen andKefeng Zhang )

        15:45         Coffee

         16:10   Session 6 Plan and design of CCTW (with the samegroup)

             Group one   Three Gorges Non-point pollution monitoringand emissionreductionstudies ( Dr. Chin Sheng Tan and Jiupai Ni )

Grouptwo   Three Gorges integration of land -water studies ( Dr. Ken Drouillard and Xiaoling Lei)

               Group three  Monitoring andPrediction of Non-point Source Pollution and Water Quality in the Three GorgesReservoir Catchment studies(Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen and Kefeng Zhang )

  17:10  Session 7  Researching programs in 2013.9- 2014.9 andthe vision of CCTW group summary ( Dr. Douglas Haffner )

    17:50 Adjournment

Thursday Aug. 15

Ø  Tour of terrestrial members tothe NPS Research Sites in Wangjiagou and Longwanggou in Fuling, Chongqing, thenhave a lunch

Ø  Tour of the Department of Water Environment Research, ChinaInstitute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research in fengjie, Chongqing

Ø  Hotel near karst topography andgeosuture in Fengjie at night

Friday Aug. 16

           Tour of karst topography and geosuture in the morning

             Have a lunch in Fengjie, then go back toBeibei Chongqing, Hotel in Haiyu

Saterday Aug. 17

9:00-10:30 Summaryof the investigation and supplement the following year’s plans and schedules (Drs. Haffnerand Lei Zhang )

10:30    Adjournment