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Chong Qing is cooperating with Canada will sut up the"China-Canada TGR Water Science Centre"


Chong Qing is cooperating with Canada will sut up the"China-Canada Three Gorges Reservoir Water Science Centre"


       After the three gorges reservoir (TGR) has been set up and impoundment completed at the end of 2009 submerged over 630 km2 of land, the water conservation has become a remarkable problem. Scientific problems about plant, soil, water quality,climate and so on was becomeing needed to be addressed.In order to introduce advanced technology and management mode,Ching Qing cooperate with the university of Windsor Cannada in this areas, and they decide to sut up "The China-Canada Three Gorges Reservoir Water Science Centre" (CCTW). In the past few years, the two sides have been established a good relationship, and have reach a consensus on CCTW, so University of Windsor of Canada, Southwest University (SWU)of China,ChongQing Academy of Science and Technology(CAST) unite to sut up the CCTW supported by the ChongQing science and technology commission(CSTC).Center will be built with an open mechanism, the joint research team, on the three gorges area of the water resources utilization, water and soil protection, intensive research.

        The president of university windsor,Dr.Alan Wildeman and his colleagues visited ChongQing for the CCTW'suting up. The deputy director of ChongQing science and technology commission Fusheng Pan met with Dr.Alan Wildeman and his colleagues, representatives from SWU, CAST,CSTC and the Canadian embassy in China and Canada on behalf of the consulate general in ChongQing and so on have been present in this meeting.

The meeting on the spot

Poseing for a group photo after the meeting

Exchanging presents