Water Environmental Monitoring and Simulation
in There Gorges Reservoir Region(WEMST)

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Doug Haffner
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Doug Haffner
中心职务: Director
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Doug Haffner

Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER)
University of Windsor
Windsor Ont.N9B 3P4

Tel: 519-253-3000 ext. 3449
Fax: 519-971-3616

·    Canada Research Chair, Great LakesResearch

·    Expertise:Aquatic ecology

·    Professor,Ph.D. – University of London, UK

CurrentResearch: His team is studying exposure and effects of chemicals inaquatic ecosystems, both in the Great Lakesand elsewhere. They are developing benthic and pelagic system models that willeventually be integrated to form a comprehensive ecosystem model ofenergy/carbon and contaminant dynamics. We are also involved in theconservation of ancient lakes in Indonesia.

Recent Funding: Almost $4 million inexternal research funding and almost $400,000 in equipment funding from government andindustry.